Class of 2016

Andrew Ortiz

Akhil Singh

Christopher George Rieger

Samarth Behura

Shijia Geng

Music Style Classi fication and Transformation using Convolutional Neural Network – Thesis

Stephen Boamah Gyawu

Non-Invasive Swept-Sine Technique for Identifying Nonlinearities in the Human Auditory Periphery – Thesis

Sunrito Bhattacharya

Infant Cry Detection – Thesis

Thomas Mitchell

Class of 2015

Mark Gill 

Auditory Fitts Testing of Music Controllers – Thesis

Fransisco J. Valencia Otalvaro

Aliasing and Harmonic Decay Control of the Bandlimited  Step method using Phychoacoustic models and the genetic algorithm – [Thesis]
Jay Cogin
Mike Tonry
Automatic signal enhancement of underwater-headphone audio played through a water-filled ear canal – Thesis

Class of 2014

Daniel Avissar

The Hilbert Spectral Morph: A Novel Method for Analysis and Synthesis of Room Impulse Responses Via a Multivariate Hilbert-Huang Transform – Thesis

Crispin Odom

Rhythms and Rhymes: An Analysis of the Use of the Rhythmic Techniques with Auditory and Haptic Feedback to Encourage Short Term Memory Recall – Thesis

Ross Penniman

A High-Quality General-Purpose Decorrelator with Transient Fidelity – Thesis

Andrew Ayers

Rob Rehrig

Multidimensional Wave Field Synthesis Control Through Wireless Hardware – Thesis

Class of 2013

Jordan Whitney

Automatic Sample Recognition in Hip-Hop Music Through Non-Negative Matrix Factorization – Thesis

Matan Ben-Asher

Toward an Emotionally Intelligent Piano: Real-Time Emotion Detection and Performer Feedback via Kinesthetic Sensing in Piano Performance – Thesis

Michael Everman

Digital Musical Instrument Evaluation Using Crowd-Sourced Tagging Techniques – Thesis

Class of 2012

Stefan Sullivan

Intuitve Multi-touch Computer Music Performance – Thesis

Chen Zhang

A Spatial Enhancement System for Stereo Recordings – Thesis

Class of 2011

Chris Danner

Improving Hearing-Aid Performance Using a Blind-Source-Separated Signal to Steer a MEMS Microphone Array [abstract] [thesis]

Matt Montag

Wave Field Synthesis in Three Dimensions by Multiple Line Arrays [abstract] [thesis]

Krithika Rajagopal

Automatic Classication of Ragas from Digital Audio Recordings Using Multi-Feature Extraction and Machine-Learning Techniques [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2010

Phillip Jones

Duffing’s Equation as Excitation for a Digital Waveguide Clarinet Bore [abstract] [thesis]

Douglas Mann

GPU Accelerated Novelty Detection in Long-Term Audio Files [abstract] [thesis]

Daniel Plazas

The Effect of Auditory Stimulation and Haptic Feedback on Motor Rhythmic Performance in Musicians and Non-Musicians Through Use of A Novel Controller: A Pilot Study [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2009

Eric Humphrey

A Computational System for the Automatic Creation of Music Playlists for Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation in Recreational Running [abstract] [thesis]

Glen Eric Deslauriers

Bandlimited Frequency-Domain Synthesis of Time-Varying Waveforms For Virtual-Analog Applications [abstract] [thesis]

Chris Santoro

Multiple F0 Estimation in the Transform Domain [abstract] [thesis]

Estefania Cano

[abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2008

Russell Wedelich

Automatic Transcription of Drums in Polyphonic Music [abstract] [thesis]

Luis Paz

Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation Based on Auditory Models [abstract] [thesis]

Luke Walters

Target Speech Separation via Time-Frequency Masking and a Channel-Dependent Machine Learning Model [abstract] [thesis]

Nick Metzar

[abstract] [thesis]

Ryan M. Twilley

[abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2007

Adam S. Tankanow

Automatic Extraction of a Measure of Complexity from an Audio Sound File [abstract] [thesis]

Christopher L. Bennett

Real-Time Stimulus Shaping for In-Ear Transducers [abstract] [thesis]

Vinoo Alluri Reddy

Automatic Musicological Classification of Western Classical Music [abstract] [thesis]

Richard S. Juszkiewicz

An Improvement to Anthropometry-Based Head and Torso HRTF Synthesis Models for Locations Near the Frontal Median Plane [abstract] [thesis]

Daniel W. Harris

Computationally Efficient Variable Linear-Phase Filters [abstract] [thesis]

Paul M. Gunia

A Hybrid Codec for Mixed Speech and Music Signals [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2006

Nicolas Betancur

Synchronized Audiovisual Digest Creation using Similarity Analysis and MPEG-7 Media Description Tools. [abstract] Thesis

Rian Chung

Adaptive Room Correction and Crossover Calculation for Enganced Satellite-Subwoofer Integration. [abstract] Thesis

Benjamin Fields

On the Viability of Using Maximum Log Likelihood of Trained HMM to Categorize Songs by Genre. [abstract] Thesis

Kurt Jacobson

Music SimMetric: a Metric for Music Similarity Based on Psychoacoustic Cues Present in Digital Music Signals. [abstract] Thesis

Douglas Morton

Parametric Sound Source Isolation. [abstract] [thesis]

Karthik Palanichamy

Design of a Blind Audio Source Separation Algorithm to perform Audio Scene Modification using Adaptive Filtering. [abstract] [thesis]

Arun Thirugnanasambandam

Bandwidth Extension in Portable Audio Devices. [abstract] [thesis]

Oveal Walker

Design of a Smart Active Noise Control System using a Selective Adaptive Filtering Scheme. [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2005

Jon Boley

Auditory Component Analysis: Using Perceptual Pattern Recognition To Identify and Extract… [abstract] Thesis

Rob Burke

Reducing Perceptual Audio Quality Loss in Tandem Codecs [abstract] Thesis

Vaibhav Chhabra

Tonality Estimation Using Wavelet Packet Analysis [abstract] [thesis]

Arvind Venkatasubramanian

High-Fidelity, Analysis-Synthesis Data Rate Reduction for Audio Signals [abstract] Thesis

Class of 2004

Vishweshwara Rao

Data Compression of Popular Music Using Compositional Redundancy [abstract] Thesis

Class of 2003

Robert Hartman

Spatially Relocated Frequencies and Their Effect on the Localization of a Stereo Image [abstract] [thesis] [presentation]

Class of 2002

Eduardo Trama

Sound Source Separation using 3-D Correlogram, Fuzzy Logic, and Neural Networks [abstract] Thesis

Rodrigo Ordonez

The Effects of Cross-Modal Interaction in the Perception of Audiovisual Quality and its Application in Data Reduction Algorithms  [abstract] Thesis

Class of 2001

Margarita Escobar

Beat Detection in Music Using Average Mutual Information  [abstract] Thesis

Kim Hang Lau

A System for Hybridizing Vocal Performance [thesis] [presentation]

Sean Browne

Hybrid Reverberation Algorithm Using Truncated Impulse Response Convolution and Recursive Filtering [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 2000

Jasmin Frenette 

Reducing Artificial Reverberation Requirements using Time-Variant Feedback Delay Networks [abstract] [thesis]

Abhijeet Tambe

An Adaptive Time-Frequency Representation with Re-Synthesis using Spectral Interpolation [abstract] [thesis]

Daisuke Koya

Aural Phase Distortion Detection [abstract] Thesis

Alexander Iliev

Joint Stereo Encoding of Digital Audio using the Short-Time Phase Spectrum [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1999

Justo A. Gutierrez

Duffing’s Equation as an Excitation for Guitar Models [abstract] [thesis] [presentation]

Alex Souppa

Minimum Weighted Norm Extrapolation of Digital Audio Using Frequency Domain Blocking [abstract] [thesis] [presentation]

Ricardo Garcia

Digital Watermarking of Audio Signals Using a Psychoacoustic Auditory Model and Spread Spectrum Theory [abstract] Thesis [presentation]

Jason Flaks

[abstract] [thesis]

Miguel Chavez

Improved Material and Dust Cap Geometry for Low-Mid Frequency Dynamic Transducers using the Finite Element Analysis Method

David Alonso-Dominguez

[abstract] [thesis]

Stephen Handley

[abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1998

Jason VandeKieft

Computational Improvements to Linear Convolution With Multi-Rate Filtering Methods [abstract] [thesis] [presentation]

James R. West

Five-Channel Panning Laws : An Analytical and Experimental Comparison [abstract] [thesis]

Mathew Abraham

Transformation of DSP Systems using Time-Domain Impulse Response Processing [abstract] [thesis]

Ali Habashi

Moments of Absence: In the Search of Abstract Thought in Philosophy, Music and Experimental Films [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1997

Matthew VanDyke Kotvis

An Adaptive Time-Frequency Distribution with Applications for Audio Signal Separation [abstract] Thesis

Kirk Lampert

Methods to Reduce the Bandwidth Requirements of MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Data for Transmission Speeds of Less Than 28.8 kbps [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1995

John Antony

Adaptive Techniques to Reduce Quantization Error in an MPEG-1 Video Encoder [abstract] [thesis]

Mauricio Greene

Effects of Minimum-Phase HRTFs on a Cross Canceling Filter [abstract] [thesis]

Aurika Checinska Hays

Pitch Recognition and Intonation Error Quantification of Discrete Violin Tones [abstract] [thesis]

Luis Martinez

An Efficient ISO/MPEG-1 Layer II Encoder Using Parallel Processing Techniques [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1994

Matthew Fellers

Audio Compression for Wavetable Synthesis [abstract] [thesis]

Frank Filipanits

Optimization Techniques to Reduce Temporal Computation Requirements of Auralization Processing Algorithms [abstract] [thesis]

Timothy Onders

An Object-Oriented Software Codec for Evaluation of MPEG-1 Audio Coding Systems [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1993

Glenn Josefiak

Use of a Neural Network for Time-Domain Estimation of Formants in Speech [abstract] [thesis]

Thomas Zudock

Effects of Minimizing Impulse Response Duration in Three-Dimensional Sound Processing [abstract] [thesis]

William Johnston

A Prototype Expert System for Jazz Harmonization [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1992

Jayant Datta

Software to Analyze the Performance of Windows with Respect to the Auditory Masking Curve [abstract] [thesis]

Robert Dunn

Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for Noise Reduction in Digital Audio [abstract] [thesis]

Ted Tanner

Subband: A Software Simulator for Analysis-Synthesis Filterbanks [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1991

Brent Karley

Modular Program for Automating the Alignment System for the APR-24 Multitrack Tape Recorder [abstract] [thesis]

Daniel Mikat

[abstract] [thesis]

Sean Stevens

[abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1990

Michael Ballman

Auditory Localization Research Tool [abstract] [thesis]

Class of 1989

Marc Bavay

Adaptive FIR Filtering in Time and Transform Domains [abstract] [thesis]

Chin-Woo Park

[abstract] [thesis]

Kevin Ryan

[abstract] [thesis]

Randall Lopez

[abstract] [thesis]