The Weeks Recording Studio is a professional audio recording facility that is the heart of the Music Engineering program at UM. It has several isolation areas for different types of instrumental performance needs, including a drum booth, vocal alcove, and sound lock. The main studio is spacious enough for string sections and other group performance needs. It features a high ceiling and Baldwin grand piano.

The studio went through an extensive upgrade starting at the end of Spring 2015 and ending in the middle of Summer 2016. The studio is the first in the world to house three full size consoles in the control room. It features a 32 channel API 1608 with the Automation Module, a 24-channel Avid S6, and a 48-channel SSL 948 Delta. A full list of the studio’s outboard equipment, microphones, backline, and more can be found under the Week Studio Documentation tab.IMG_9591

The studio is used for coursework and hands-on workshops. Freshman students take workshops on the basics of music recording their first semester and on studio technology/maintenance their second semester. During the sophomore year, students take classes where they alternate between performing and recording songs. During their sophomore year, students have the ability to earn a studio license and book their own studio sessions. In addition, junior year students learn about audio for video and the use of the studios synchronization and post-production capabilities.

Photo by Gonzalo Mejia.

Currently, there is no recording portfolio work required for graduation from the MuE program. Obtaining a studio license and being part of the recording community at the University of Miami is primarily up to the motivation and drive of the student. The quality of resources available to the Music Engineering program and its students calls for a high level of independent responsibility and attention to detail, and it is held to that high standard by the community of licensed engineers. The Weeks Recording Studio at the University of Miami is truly an ideal place for Music Engineering students to gain practical hands-on experience in preparation for careers in the audio and recording industries.

A quick look at our studio