Any current FSOM student can train, assist, and be licensed for the FSOM Recording Facilities.

The first step is to be added to two systems used to coordinate the Recording Facilities, which are Slack and Skedda. To be added to these systems, please email Chris Palowitch ( with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Expected Graduation Year
  • Degree Program
  • C Number
  • UM Email
  • Phone Number

Within a few days you should receive two emails, one from Slack and one from Skedda, asking you to confirm/sign up for your accounts.


Slack is a mobile and computer application that allows for easy group communication. Information about the studios, such as updated to policy, closures for maintenance, etc., will be sent out through Slack. Therefore it is required that all students using the studios must be signed up and actively checking Slack.

On the left of the picture above you’ll see Channels and Direct Messages.

  • Channels are for specific topics, like certain studios, testing, or engineers asking for assistants.
  • Direct Messages are for contacting specific engineers. You will need to do this to talk to lead engineers about assisting, and to schedule certain tests



Skedda is the online booking system for the FSOM Recording Studios, which can be found here. You will always be able to view the calendar, but only until you obtain your licenses will you be able to book.


Licensing Procedures

All enrolled FSOM Students are able to obtain licenses for the school’s recording studios by following the steps below in order. 1st year students can complete their PLF330/MWP/MMS licensing. However, only after starting their 2nd year can students begin booking their own sessions. If you fail a test, you must wait 2 weeks before you can retake it

Testing times are posted in the Testing channel in Slack.

Study guides for the written tests and practical (hands-on) tests can be found on the FSOM Recording Studio Documentation page.

FSOM Studio License (Access to PLF330, MWP, and MMS)

  • Pass the FSOM Recording Studio Policy Test
    • This test covers everything in this document
    • This test can be taken 3 times a semester
  • Assistant Training (Can be completed before the Studio Policy Test)
    • In-person training that covers the basics of properly handling studio equipment and how to be an efficient assistant
  • 40 Hours of Assistant Engineering
    • Gives students the proper hands-on learning time to get familiar with how sessions should be run, handling equipment, studio terminology, etc.
    • To get assisting hours: students should check the Skedda Studio Calendar (, find a session they can attend, and contact the session’s engineer through Slack to see if there is room for them to assist
      • ALL SESSIONS MUST BE OPEN TO HAVING 2 ASSISTANT ENGINEERS. Any licensed engineer refusing to have assistants will lose booking privileges for 1 month
    • At the end of the session, the lead engineer must fill out their studio log with the names of any assistants and how many hours they assisted (see section “Studio Logs and Access”)
      • It is recommended that the assistant watch the lead engineer fill out the studio log to make sure their assisting hours are recorded
  • Written Test 1
    • Assistants should make sure they are learning and applying the topics found in the Written Test Guide in their assisting sessions
    • This test can be taken 2 times a semester
  • Practical Test (Individual Tests for Each Studio)
    • This test must be set up with the Studio Manager for the studio you would like to test in. Their info can be found here, but remember that you can and should contact them through Slack.
    • This test can be taken twice a semester. If the test is failed, the student must complete another 2 sessions as an assistant and must wait 3 weeks until they can take the test again
    • Once this test is passed, the student will be given booking privileges to the studio in which they completed the test.


Weeks Studio License

A student must first obtain a Studio License for all 3 smaller studios (PLF330, MWP, and MMS) before taking the training sessions for Weeks Studio. Working to get a Weeks Studio License should be for students who are proficient in using the smaller studio spaces and feel like there is an advantage for them to be engineering sessions in Weeks. If a student wants a small orchestra recorded in Weeks they can always work with a student engineer who has their Weeks License (however, only Weeks Licensed engineers can handle equipment in the control room.

  • Obtain the licenses for MWP, MMS, and PLF330
  • Complete 40 hours of sessions as a lead engineer
    • Student must book and complete 40 hours of sessions in PLF330, MWP, and MMS (max of 5 hours in MMS)
  • Complete 20 hours of assisting in Weeks Studio
    • These hours can be started after taking the 1st training session in Weeks
  • Complete 2 training sessions for Weeks Studio (These can be completed before the assisting hours)
    • These sessions will cover Weeks signal flow, equipment, rules, etc
    • To set up these sessions contact Carter Vail (Weeks Studio Manager) through Slack
  • Complete Dante Certification Levels 1 & 2
    • These certifications are run through Audinate can be found here
    • Once you complete the certifications they will send you a certificate through email. Forward those emails to Chris Palowitch (
  • Weeks Written Test
    • All information covered on this test is covered in the training sessions. The guides for these sessions can be found here
    • This test can be taken twice a semester
  • Weeks Practical Test
    • All information covered on this test can be found here
    • This test can be taken twice a semester. If failed, the student must complete another 2 sessions of assisting in Weeks Studio
    • If this test is passed the student has earned their Weeks Studio License and will be given booking privileges for Weeks Studio.


Music Engineering Majors

MuEs can begin assisting and taking the training sessions for Weeks after passing MMI 201. Hours completed in Weeks Studio will count for both the FSOM Studio License and the Weeks License.

Class Fulfillments

The following classes fulfill requirements of the licensing program:

  • MMI 201 – 10 hours of assisting for License 1, Written Test 1, Assistant Training
  • MMI 161 – 20 hours of assisting for License 1
  • Pop Comp – Assistant Training, Written Test 1, 20 hours of assisting for License 1, Practical Test for MWP
  • Gary Lindsay’s Studio Recording class – 20 hours of assisting for License 1

Licensing FAQ

  • I have experience with recording already; do I still need to complete all the licensing requirements?
    • Yes, the assisting hours and tests assure that everyone using the FSOM recording facilities are handling equipment in the proper manner
  • I have completed the amount of hours to take the written test, how do I take it?
    • Times and locations to take the Licensing tests are posted in the Testing channel in Slack
  • Do sessions I take part in as an artist count towards my assisting hours?
    • If you have completed the policy test and the Assistant Training, 1/4 of the hours of sessions you take part in as an artist count towards assisting hours.