IF YOU ARE FSOM STUDENT OR FACULTY MEMBER: Please click on the engineers tab to the left and search through the students currently licensed to record in Weeks to find someone you would like to work with. Contact them directly and start a conversation about your project! If they are interested in being involved then work out a time to record from the Studio Calendar (link to the left). Once you have agreed on the time they will book the time once they have worked it out with you. Please read over the following two documents about recording studio policy and what you can do to make your session successful and professional! Also, please know that student engineers do no receive course credit, pay from the school, or have any portfolio requirements for their program. They agree to do recordings based on their own personal want.

Preparing for Recording
Session Information Sheet

IF YOU ARE A WEEKS LICENSED ENGINEER: Go to the Studio Calendar page for a link to the Skedda Website