Students enrolled in the Music Engineering program have access to two state of the art audio recording and production facilities on the Coral Gables campus. The Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music’s L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance, was built at a cost of $1.6 million. This facility features the 150-seat Clarke Recital Hall, and a fully professional recording studio with 48-input Euphonix S5 digital console, and digital multitrack hard-disk recorders. The recording studio is specifically designed for students performing tracking and mixing sessions. In addition, this studio is adjacent to a computer laboratory with media workstations, hard-disk editors and processors, and DSP prototyping boards. Disc recorders let students take home Compact Discs and DVDs of their recitals and recording projects.

The Gusman studio is housed in the 600-seat Gusman Concert Hall. It contains a 5.1-channel surround sound professional recording studio with two YamahaO2R digital consoles, and Pro Tools multitrack hard-disk recorders. In addition, this studio is equipped with time code synchronizers, and video recorders so that students studying film- and video-making can post music, effects and dialogue. Most Music Engineering majors also elect to serve as recording engineers for the Frost School of Music Recording Services.

In both audio studios, from a technical standpoint, students are expected to participate fully in the design, installation, modification, and maintenance of both hardware and software systems. The MUE Computer Lab’s extensive hands-on laboratories provide students with practical experience in real-life music engineering situations, providing both reinforcement of theoretical education, and practical skills. Follow the links below to learn more about these resources.


  • Weeks Recording Studio
    A complete tracking and mixing facility centered around the Euphonix System 5 console
  • Gusman Recording Studio
    A project studio built around a pair of Yamaha O2Rs and equipped for mixing to picture
  • MUE Lab
    A specialized classroom offering student access to the latest audio and engineering software