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This week was a unique forum. We were joined by MuE alumni Beau Silver – Skyping from California. Beau is currently working for Universal Audio, working on various iOS applications for interfacing with DAWs and other Universal Audio gear. he also talked about his experience at Stanford’s renowned CCRMA program, and various projects he has […]

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Michael Pearson Adams, an esteemed recording and mixing engineer as well as product specialist at Waves Audio, a respected company that makes high-end pro audio gear and audio effects plug-ins. He showed off to the MuE department various mixes he has done and the tools he has used. […]

For this weeks forum we were pleased to have Matthew Watson who is a MuE alum from ’96 currently working at Texas Instruments. His career has also spanned through Motorola and Dolby, where he has helped design audio and video tech that is still in use by broadcasters everywhere.

For MuE students, we know getting out there into the industry and research can be made possible through internships. A few senior MuE students and one grad student presented their experiences doing various research or an engineering internship.

Shure Inc. from Chicago has always got a steady stream of interns and hires from the MuE program, and next year is no exception. MuE students got to hear about What sort of engineering is going on at Shure, from wireless RF to acoustical to DSP. They also learned about the summer internship program, even […]

World-famous recording engineer Bob Clearmountain and Apogee recording wizard Sergio Ruelas Jr. visited campus to rep their company, Apogee Electronics. Students got to hear all about how Bob and Sergio got to where they are today, hear and see some demos of both studio recordings and live recordings, and also check out some of the […]

This week’s forum guest was Alex Miglio, who graduated from MuE in ’04. He spoke about his industry experience as an engineer and how he uses some pretty unique tools to design and control totally customized media and entertainment systems.

Hey Everyone! As I’ve mentioned a few times, we will be having a MUE concert on Friday, December 2nd at 8:30 at the Rat. I realize that this is the same night as CAMFest and a few Recording Services gigs, but it was the only time we could come up with for this semester. The […]

Date: February 20, 2015 Place: Fillmore Hall (Rehearsal Center 102) When: 9:05-9:55am This Friday, we are incredibly fortunate to have David Frangioni speak at MuE forum. Mr. Frangioni is the founder and president of Audio One (, a home automation and theater system company. In addition, he is an accomplished engineer, producer, and musician as well. […]

This past week Chris Santoro (GMuE ’09), who currently works at SoundToys, visited Frost to give a guest lecture for the C++ Audio Effects Plug-ins class. He discussed some of the work he’s doing at SoundToys, what it’s like to work for a small company, and some of the challenges of making professional-grade plug-ins. He […]

Date: April 25, 2014 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a Please join us this Friday for forum as we have Brian Gerstle speaking. Brian was a MuE ’09 graduate and currently works as an iOS developer at Spotify. See you there! _______________________________________________________ Here are some pictures from Brian’s talk about his work at Spotify this morning. Very cool […]

Date: February 21, 2014 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a Please join us this Friday for forum as we have Stefan Sullivan visiting us from Fraunhofer. Stefan is a graduate MuE from the class of ’12. He is currently working for The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany as a software developer on their “Symphoria” 3D upmix technology for […]

Date: February 7, 2014 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a We would like to extend a big thanks to Luke Walters and Guy Torio for their visit from Bose last week.  Both their presentation to the transducers class and their presentation in forum were incredibly informative and interesting. Below are some photos of Guy discussing resonators […]

Two current MuE undergrads, Tad Nicol and Connor McCullough, both took home awards at the recent AES 135 convention. Connor took home a bronze award in the Undergraduate Student Design Competition while Tad won a bronze in the Modern Studio Recording Competition Category, and a gold award in the Undergraduate Student Design Competition. Below are links to […]

Six music engineering alumni, along with Professor Colby Leider, are honored to have recordings accepted into Grammy Award voting.  More details will be posted soon.

Date: October 25, 2013 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a   Please join us this Friday morning as Tad Nicol and Connor McCullough, two current MuE undergrads, talk about their work that won the Student Design Award and Student Recording Award at AES this year!

Date: October 11, 2013 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a Speaker: TBA  

Date: September 27, 2013 Place: Rehearsal Center Time: 9:05-9:55a Please join us this Friday morning as Jordan Whitney (’13 GMuE) videoconferences in from NYC to talk about his current work at a small startup called Vantageous working as an iOS developer. ___________________________________________________________________   Thanks to Jordan for videoconferencing in for forum last Friday. Here are […]

Current versions of the studio policy manual and the staff schedule as well as a link to the studio booking schedule have been posted on the “Resources” page.

Details will be forthcoming shortly.