Hey Everyone!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, we will be having a MUE concert on Friday, December 2nd at 8:30 at the Rat. I realize that this is the same night as CAMFest and a few Recording Services gigs, but it was the only time we could come up with for this semester.

The rule is, if you have a band that would like to play in the concert, there must be at least 1 MUE in your group. If you are interested in performing (even if you have potential conflicts) please send me the following by this Saturday, the 26th:

-# of people in your group
-# of songs you are playing (3 max)
-any time constraints or potential conflicts you have

You can email me at jxr375@miami.edu or send me a Facebook message, whatever is easier (as long as you do it by 11/26…)!

Happy Thansgiving!

Jamie Robinson
University of Miami ’18
Music Engineering

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