Date: February 14, 2014

Place: Rehearsal Center

Time: 9:05-9:55a

Please join us at forum tomorrow as we hear from John Merchant. John started out as a MUE, and by the time he graduated in ’89, he had already begun working as assistant engineer at the BeeGees’ studio over on South Beach (Middle Ear Studios). Since then, John advanced to chief engineer, has opened his own studio right here in Miami (Red Door Studios), has produced tons of artists (check out his discography:, and currently teaches Recording Arts and Technology at MTSU in Tennessee.


A big thanks to John Merchant for coming in and talking last Friday! His discussion of his work with various artists, his rise through the production world, and his career advice were all fantastic. Below are some photos of John at forum. Thanks again!

John Merchant 1

John Merchant discussing some of the artists he’s worked with.

John Merchant 2

John Merchant discussing his work at MTSU.


John Merchant 3

John Merchant at forum (2/14/14).

John Merchant 4

“Your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear.” – Alan Rich

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